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I covered the sides of each bookcase with pieces of lauan, which is a very thin and inexpensive plywood material. The reason I added lauan here is to cover the gap between the Billy bookcases on top and the plywood addition I built below them. I also added 1x2s on the sides of the bookcases to give it more of a finished look. 007bond 063dyjuy 070462 085tzzqi 10th 11235813 12qwaszx 13576479 135790 142536 142857 147258 14725836 151nxjmt 154ugeiu 159357 159753 18436572 1a2b3c 1a2b3c4d ... Sep 01, 2019 · Bespoke Billy Bookcase Built In. This is a really high quality built in hack from The Homestud. The Billy bookcases have been raised up and made to look like they are recessed into the wall. They blend in perfectly and create a really good quality, bespoke looking storage space for a kitchen or living room. Wallpaper Backed Billy Bookcase Hack

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The benefit of a thicker shelf is that the shelf ends up being stronger, so it can support heavier weight loads without sagging. How deep should the shelves be? Typically, bookshelves are 11 to 12 inches deep, but if you are building your own bookshelves, this is your opportunity to customize your shelves to fit your books.

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Because of the sagging, their furniture is not very comfortable to sit on for a long period of time nor does it last for very long. Many of the different options can be found at other locations for a much better price. Visit its online store here. 5. Structube Oct 03, 2012 · First, make sure your board is the exact height of your bookcase, floor to top. If it is the wrong height, you might throw your bookcase off balance, which would be bad. Part I) Securing the board to the back of your bookcase 1. Remove shelves from bookcase 2. Place bookcase face down on floor, so that the back of the case is up 3. Feb 12, 2020 · The Billy bookshelf is made of very thin particleboard. It will hold the weight of the television, especially if you affix the bookcase to the wall with a bracket as Malcolm intelligent suggests, but I'm very certain that the top surface panel would begin to sag and give, even under the weight of 43 pounds. Click to see full answer. Also to know is, how much weight can an Ikea bookshelf hold?

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DH and I are considering putting built-in entertainment center and china storage/display on either side of our fireplace. Our living room/dining room area (open concept) is pretty tight in terms of floor space, but we have 12 foot ceilings and a lot of vertical space we aren't using.