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5. Find: (a) the equivalent resistance of the circuit below and (b) calculate the current through each resistor as well as the voltage difference across each resistor. R1 - 712 Rg 612 w w V = 24 v R2-1012 R. 422 2. Use the multi-meter to measure the voltage across the resistor (V R). 3. Use the ammeter to measure the current through the resistor (I). 4. Record your measurements of voltage and current in Data Table 2. 5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 for 10 different values of voltage, in steps of 1V. Record all measurements in your table. The potential difference across and the current through a resistor located in a network are determined by two conservation laws.These are the laws for the conservation of energy and charge.In the ...

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Feb 25, 2013 · a) Find the current through 2.00 ohm resistor. b) Find the current through 4.00 ohm resistor. c) Find the current through 5.00 ohm resistor. Answer: a) I know that the first answer is 5.21 A. But I´ve been trying and trying to figure out how to solve for the 2 other resistors, but I don´t seem to get the right answers. It would be great to ...

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Jan 19, 2021 · Find the voltage V3 and the current I2 for the network in Fig. 1. Calculate the current through the resistor . From Figure 2, the current is divided into two parallel branches of equal resistance. That is, Thus, the current through the resistor is . 1.6 V

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Find the voltage across each resistor and the current through each resistor in the circuits below, type your answers into the tables. R1 3.3 ΚΩ R2 R5 » 15 Ω 2.2 ΚΩ. R6 680 Ω 10V RT =. Ω R3 7.5 ΚΩ R4 R7 220 Ω 4.7 ΚΩ Total Resistance RT Currents 11 12 = 13 = 14 15 16 17 Voltages V V2 V3 V4 Vacross R2, R3, R4 Vacross R5, R6 V R1 11 330 12 R2 15 R5 220 k 2 150 12 R6 1 ΜΩ 16 12 10 V R3 150 Ω 2 17 R4 R7 4702 3.9 k12. To find the current through each resistor, then, you simply divide the supply voltage by the value of that resistor. If they're in parallel, then each resistor acts as if it were the only one,and the presence of any others is irrelevant.The current through the 60-ohm resistor is I = E/R = (120/60) = 2 amperes.Current flowing through the resistors