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Sep 23, 2017 · This way, when I run this Jenkins project, I can specify a different BRANCH variable than the one defined in buildspec.yml, so I can build a specific revision of the code in the GitHub repo for MYPROJECT. Method 2: Run AWS CodeBuild for MYPROJECT as a Jenkins pipeline GIT_URL public static final String GIT_URL ... Expand Parameters in the supplied remote repository with the parameter values provided in the given environment variables. Jenkins Copy Artifact To Remote Server I Have A Few Jobs That Automatically Build A Java App. I Would Like It To Automatically Push It To A Other Server. I Found A Plugin That Copies Artifacts Over Ssh, But Using It I End Up With App-1.0-SNAPHSHOT.jar, App-1.1-SNAPHSHOT.jar And So On On The Remote Server. Remove Directory From Git And Local. You Could Checkout 'master' With Both Directories; Git Rm -r One-of-the-directories. Git Commit -m "Remove Duplicated Directory" Git Push Origin Here, Is Typically The 'master' Branch, But Not Always/ Remove Directory From Git But NOT Local Delete The Selected Run/debug Configuration. Note That You Cannot ... Some behaviors of this plugin depend on the values of config variables, here's the list of them and their effect. URL (no default value) URL to the Jenkins server. USERNAME (no default value) Username to access the server. PASSWORD (no default value) Password to access the server.

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JENKINS-37370 - Retrieving Git references do not work with variable in "Repository URL" Add Comment This message was sent by Atlassian JIRA (v7.1.7#71011- sha1:2526d7c ) build number, build url, job name, jenkins url, build tag 등 다양한 환경 변수를 사용할 수 있다. 주의사항으로.. 장비 이름과 실제 호출되는 도메인 이름이 다를 때는 jenkins url이 의도한 것과 달리 나타날 수 있다. Environment variables. The current span and trace IDs are exposed as environment variables. SPAN_ID; TRACE_ID; In addition, if the backends were configured then there will be an environment variable for each of them pointing to the URL with the span/transactions: OTEL_CUSTOM_URL; OTEL_ELASTIC_URL; OTEL_JAEGER_URL; OTEL_ZIPKIN_URL; Attributes ...

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Mar 04, 2018 · Different kind of builds (e.g., java, nodejs, python, etc.) need different agent nodes. This is nothing new — labels could be used before as well to restrict which agent nodes should run a build. Now, under the "Source Code Management" you will see the Git option, if your Git plugin has been installed in Jenkins: Note: if the Git option does not appear, try to reinstall the plugins, followed by a restart into your Jenkins dashboard. Enter the Git repository URL on the "Repository URL" option to pull the code from GitHub.

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The job definitions for Jenkins Job Builder are kept in any number of YAML or JSON files, in whatever way you would like to organize them. When you invoke jenkins-jobs you may specify either the path of a single YAML file, or a directory. If you choose a directory, all of the .yaml/.yml or .json files in that directory will be read, and all the ... Mar 01, 2016 · BUILD_NUMBER BUILD_ID BUILD_URL NODE_NAME JOB_NAME BUILD_TAG JENKINS_URL EXECUTOR_NUMBER JAVA_HOME WORKSPACE SVN_REVISION CVS_BRANCH GIT_COMMIT GIT_COMMIT BUILD_STATUS GIT_BRANCH We can use all abo…